Batam Manufacturing Plant Celebrates 10 Million Man-Hours Without a Lost-Time Injury


CEO Gordon Cameron addresses employees, who celebrate the Batam manufacturing plant’s 10 million man-hours without lost-time injury. Pictured are (from left to right): Nathanael Tan, HSE Manager; Eirik Fadnes, CFO; Mark Riding, Chairman of the Board; David Finister, General Manufacturing Manager; Deny Papudi, Plant HSE Manager; and Gordon Cameron, CEO.

As KOP Surface Products’ employees gathered for an all-hands meeting on 18th April, it was also an opportunity to celebrate 10 million man-hours without a single lost-time injury (LTI). What this means is that our Batam manufacturing plant, which counts about 250 people in its ranks, has gone more than 12 years without sustaining an LTI.

“KOP Surface Products is committed to the health, safety, security, and environmental wellness of our employees. Every employee in this company had a part to play in getting us to 10 million hours, and we want to — and have to — keep this up,” said Gordon Cameron, Chief Executive Officer at KOP Surface Products.

This achievement comes shortly after the Indonesian government awarded the Batam manufacturing plant the Gold Flag in 2016 for meeting the highest health and safety standards. Having overseen these latest achievements, David Finister, Plant Manager, said, “Our employees are excited about this latest milestone and have already set their sights on reaching 20 million man-hours without LTI.”

To celebrate the ongoing success of HSE activities at the plant, employees celebrated with a commemorative cake.

The plant’s operations include machining, welding, cladding, assembly, and pressure testing. The plant also has the capability to carry out full hydro- and gas-testing.

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