KOP Surface Products is Ramping Up Rental Service Capability Worldwide



To meet the growing demand from customers for better cost optimization on projects, KOP Surface Products is increasing its rental service capabilities worldwide. Productivity and cost-efficiency have never been more important in the oil and gas business and companies, particularly those with short-term exploration and appraisal projects, are increasingly looking to rental services that can offer fast and cost-effective solutions.

In many applications or projects, renting rather than purchasing wellhead equipment, represents a more efficient approach, because there are no acquisition costs, lead times are dramatically reduced and operations can be optimized. With its offering of rental products globally, KOP Surface Products can deliver equipment to almost any site worldwide in 20 days or less.

As part of its Rental Tool Pool, KOP Surface Products offers a host of products including wellhead equipment, running tools, lubricator packages, casing cutter packages, cross-overs, test pumps, chart recorders, torque wrenches and transportation skids. Using a flexible approach, KOP Surface Products runs a program that allows customers to specify a configuration that suits their needs.

In addition to the Rental Tool Pool, the company offers a Total Vendor Management program with full parts and maintenance support to offer customers the best optimization of CAPEX vs OPEX for their operations
For one KOP client – a leading oil exploration firm – the use of the Rental Tool Pool delivered impressive cost savings. By having configurations around Unitized Wellheads rather than a Conventional System, the rental package which included running tools, casing cutters, lubricators, drilling adaptors and transportation skids saved a total of US$144,000 and an estimated 30 to 36 hours of operational time per well for the firm. By providing an off-the-shelf solution, rather than a more traditional purchase option, the company was able to leverage an additional 4 months of production.

Lifecycle Services Manager Rental Business, V. Uday says:
“We offer customised rental solutions to suit a variety of customer requirements, whether they’re looking to assess the size of a reservoir, do some preliminary exploration work, or just make a swift start to operations for licencing requirements, we can help. With our growing fleet of equipment, expanding facilities and highly skilled engineers, we are well-equipped to provide efficient on-site support to our customers whenever and wherever they need it.”

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About KOP Surface Products:

KOP Surface Products is a leading global supplier of surface wellheads, trees, valves and actuators to the oil and gas industry. With over 80 years’ experience, KOP Surface Products has pioneered dozens of industry firsts including the introduction of the first splitter wellhead. The company is headquartered in Singapore and is owned by Akastor, a new Norwegian-based oil services investment company with a portfolio of industrial holdings, real estate and other investments.